250px Lu Zhi

A compilation of three fictitious sources:
Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sanguo zhi pinghua and The Story of Hua Guan Suo zhuan

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

General under Zhang Bao and former Yellow Turban. Later turned to banditry on Mt. Woniu. Finally became a trusted servant of Guan Yu, whom he idolized. An excellent swimmer.

Sanguo zhi pinghua

Played a role in the Zhuge Liang's northern campaigns. Zhuge Liang used the Wooden Oxes and Flowing Horses strategy. Leading the oxes and horses was Zhou Cang. He was captured by Sima Yi and told he would be released if he shared the secret of how to construct and operate the oxes and horses. He told Sima Yi the secret and was allowed to leave. After Zhou Cang had left and Sima Yi had attempted to create the oxes and horses it turned out Zhou Cang had tricked him; the information he gave was false.

The Story of Hua Guan Suo zhuan

Zhou Cang had opposed the Shu army but was captured by Guan Suo and then submitted to Shu. When Guan Yu was being chased by Wu forces he grew hungry. Zhou Cang went hunting but couldn't find any animals. He cut some flesh from his own leg and grilled it, then returned and gave it to Guan Yu. He repeated this a second. He never ate anything himself. Shortly after he died, because of the wounds, but most of all out of hunger.