Zhang Rang (???-189) was the head of the Ten Regular Attendants that held an uprising in 189. He exceeded Jian Shuo, who was executed by the general He Jin.


Not much is known about Zhang Rang. He was a member, and eventually leader, of the Ten Regular Attendants. Gaining much influence over Emperer Ling of Han, his wife Empress He and their general He Miao, as well as many other Han officials & officers. They forced He Jin to gather warlords from all over Northern China and launch an attack on Luoyang to drive out the Eunuchs.

Zhang Rang was Ling's favourite eunuch. Ling even referred to Zhang Rang as his foster father. Zhang Rang is partially responsible for He Jin's death. In 189, He Jin was overheard by a Zhang Rang follower, when he asked Empress He to let the eunuchs get executed. Zhang Rang set up a trap. He, Duan Gui and Zhao Long invited He Jin to a meeting. On his way to the meeting, Qu Mu, an officer under the eunuchs, ambushed and killed He Jin, leading to much chaos within the imperial court.

He Jin's officers launched an attack and managed to drive out Zhang Rang and his eunuchs. They all gathered around the Yellow River and, when realising escaping was futile, Zhang Rang spoke: "Now we must die! May Our Majesty maintain himself!" after which all members jumped in the river and drowned themselves.



  • Gained influence in the Imperial Court.
  • Became leader of the Ten Regular Attendants.

List of KillsEdit

  • Zhang Rang (committed suicide)

Differences between Fact & FictionEdit

  • Did not drown himself in a well. He and the other members drowned themselves in the Yellow River, to avoid being captured by the Yuans.