Red Hare

Red Hare in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

The famed horse Red Hare (simplified Chinese: 赤兔马; traditional Chinese: 赤兔馬; pinyin: Chìtù mǎ) was a horse bigger and faster then all other horses. It is Lü Bu's trademark horse in Koei's Dynasty Warriors series. Historical records only mention the horse when Lü Bu temporarily became a subordinate of Yuan Shao, where he charged and defeated the armies of Zhang Yan, while riding Red Hare. Additionally, the annotated Cao Cao's biography in Sanguo Zhi also contained the phrase: "Among men, Lü Bu; among horses, Red Hare" (人中呂布,馬中赤兔) when describing Lü Bu's prowess in battle.


  • Guan Yu was never in possession of Red Hare.
  • Lü Bu did make use of Red Hare, but it was not his trademark horse historically.