Lady Wu

Lady Wu in Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms X

Lady Wu (???-202) was the wife of Sun Jian and mother of four sons and one daughter, which included the famous Sun trio; Sun Ce, Sun Quan & Sun Shangxiang.


Born in Wu commandery, she lost her parents at a young age so lived with her younger brother Wu Jing. When Sun Jian sought to marry her, her relatives disaproved of him and where going to refuse Sun Jian but Lady Wu persuaded them to let her marry him to avoid risk to the family. She would bear Sun Jian four boys, including Sun Ce and Sun Quan, and one daughter, Sun Shangxiang. Lady Wu showed a willingness to appeal on behalf of others to Sun Ce, two of her success being for Wang Sheng and Wei Ting. Lady Wu assisted a young Sun Quan in civil and military matters and was described as helpful. In the 7th year of Jian’an, she held audience on her deathbed with Zhang Zhao and his cohorts, giving him her last will.


Differences beteen Fact & FictionEdit

  • Was not involved with the marriage pact between Shu and Wu, which had Sun Shang Xiang marry Liu Bei. She died in 202, seven years before the event took place.