Ji Ling

Ji Ling in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Ji Ling (???-199) was an officer who served Yuan Shu. In Sanguo Yanyi he is considered one of the big names in Yuan Shu's army. Historically not much is known about him.


Ji Ling was an officer who served under Yuan Shu. Historically, very little is known about him. Perhaps all he historically did was lead an attack on Liu Bei. This attack, however, ended up being for naught because Lü Bu arranged for peace between Liu Bei and Yuan Shu before any fighting could commence. Ji Ling is seldom, if ever, mentioned doing anything else in historical sources.

Differences between Fact & FictionEdit

  • Never duelled Guan Yu.
  • Was supposed to use a trident as his weapon, but historically this is never mentioned.