Huangfu Song, style name Yizhen, was from Chaona county, Anding commandery [in Liang province]. He was the son of the elder brother of Huangfu Gui, who served as General on the Liao. His father Huangfu Jie was the Grand Administrator of Yanmen commandery. When [Huangfu] Song was young, he bore big ambitions to achieve political and military feats. And he enjoyed the Classic of History and Poetry. He was trained in archery and horseback riding. In the beginning, he was recommended to the government as Filial and Incorrupt and Abundant Talent. Grand Commandant Chen Fan and the General-in-Chief [Dou Wu] summoned him a few times, but he did not accept the invitations. Emperor Ling sent a special carriage to summon him as Gentleman Consultant, and later he was promoted as Grand Administrator of Beidi commandery.

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Traditional Chinese 皇甫嵩
Simplified Chinese 皇甫嵩