Hua Xiong

Hua Xiong in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

An officer under Dong Zhuo who participated in the Campaign against Dong Zhuo.


Historically not much is known about Hua Xiong. It is presumed that he was just one of the many officers under service of Dong Zhuo. He has never been mentioned as talented or promising. He died during the campaign while in battle with Sun Jian.


Differences between Fact & FictionEdit

  • Was not slain by Guan Yu, but was killed during battle with Sun Jian's forces.
  • Did not participate in the fictional battle of Si Shui Gate.
  • Sanguo Yanyi and Koei make Hua Xiong look like a promising young general, however, historically not much is known about him.
  • Did not kill Zu Mao. Did not even pursue him. Xu Rong was the one who pursued Zu Mao historically.