Guan Yu (young)

Guan Yu in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Guan Yu (Stylename: Yunchang) (162-219) was a Shu general. Together with Zhang Fei, he was one of Liu Bei's most trusted officers. His greatness in battle has been largely exeggerated in Sanguo Yanyi. He was beaten and executed by Lü Meng in 219.




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Differences between Fact & FictionEdit

  • Guan Yu was not a sworn brother of Liu Bei and Zhang Fei. The oath at Peach Garden never took place. It is known though, that Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu were "as close as brothers".
  • Did not participate in the Yellow Turban Rebellion in 184. He participated in the early 190's, fighting remnant Yellow Turban forces with Liu Bei and Zhang Fei, under Gongsun Zan.
  • Thus, did not kill Hua Xiong. Historically Hua Xiong died in battle with Sun Jian's troops.
  • Did not duel Lü Bu at Hu Lao Gate with Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. Historically it was Sun Jian who battled Lü Bu's forces, eventually routing Lü Bu.
  • Guan Yu did kill Yan Liang, however this was not a frontal attack, but a stab from behind.
  • The event where Guan Yu slays six generals and crosses five passes to escape Cao Cao and reunite himself with Zhang Fei and Liu Bei, is entirely fictional. The six generals are all fictional. Cao Cao admired his honour and sense of duty and allowed him to leave.
  • Guan Yu was never dispatched by Liu Bei to guard Huarong Pass to intercept the retreating troops of Cao Cao after the latter’s defeat at the Battle of Chibi.
  • Was not healed by Hua Tuo. Was healed by an unnamed doctor.
  • Did not ‘fight with and release’ Huang Zhong. Han Xuan and Huang Zhong surrendered of their own accord.
  • Lü Meng did not fake illness to lure Guan Yu. He really was ill.
  • Obviously Lü Meng was never possessed by the spirit of Guan Yu, and thus did not seize Sun Quan.
  • The flooding of Fan Castle was not Guan Yu’s stratagem. It was a natural occurrence.
  • Did not adopt Guan Ping. Historically Guan Ping was his real son.
  • Has never been in possession of the famed horse Red Hare.