Diao Chan

Diao Chan in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Diao Chan (or Diaochan) is a fictional character from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms a.k.a. Sanguo Yanyi. She is based on a maid who worked for Dong Zhuo. Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo quarreled over this maid, which resulted in Lü Bu killing Dong Zhuo.


Historically not much is known about Dong Zhuo's maid, fictionally named Diao Chan. It is known that she was good looking and Lü Bu felt attracted to her, eventually leading to jealousy and small fights between Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo, who most likely also felt attracted to Diao Chan. Wang Yun eventually noticed these disputes and used it to set Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo even more up against each other. Eventually, this resulted in Lü Bu killing Dong Zhuo. What happened with Diao Chan after that, is unknown.

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  • Wang Yun was not an adoptive father of this maid.
  • Wang Yun did not plan to use the maid to create rivalry between Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo. He just noticed the quarreling and made use of it.
  • The event where Dong Zhuo throws an axe towards Lü Bu is historical, however it is not known if Dong Zhuo did this because of Diao Chan.
  • It is unlikely that the maid's name was Diao Chan, because Diao is a very uncommon name in China.
  • In Chinese Opera she often gets beheaded by Guan Yu, killed by Lü Bu for betrayal, or married to Cao Cao. All these events are fictional.