Da Qiao

Da Qiao in Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Da Qiao is the fictional name of the eldest of the Two Qiao sisters. She is the daughter of Qiao Xuan and became wife of Sun Ce. The name 'Da Qiao' is fictional. 'Da' means 'Elder' or 'Big'. The name Da Qiao has been made up by Koei when Da Qiao and her younger sister Xiao Qiao were introduced in Dynasty Warriors 3.


As said above, not much is known about Da Qiao. She married Sun Ce in 199, after he conquered Lujiang. A year later Sun Ce died and Da Qiao was left to take care of their two children; Sun Shao and a daughter who would later marry Lu Xun.

Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao were said to be very beautiful women.




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