Chunyu Qiong

Chunyu Qiong in Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

Chunyu Qiong (Stylename: ZhongJian) (146-200) was an officer under Yuan Shao. In the Battle of Guandu in 200 he was ordered by Yuan Shao to defend the supply base, but with only few troops under his command, he was doomed to fail.


Chunyu Qiong was one of Yuan Shao’s officers from the beginning of the latter’s career. During the decisive battle of Guandu, Chunyu Qiong was commanded to guard the food depot at Wuchao. Cao Cao’s food supply was running low, so instead of a drawn out campaign, Cao Cao followed Xu You’s advice and scored victory by burning down Wuchao. Yuan Shao hadn't provided Chunyu Qiong with enough men to ever stand a chance against Cao Cao's forces and Cao Cao scored a major victory.



Differences between Fact & FictionEdit

  • Didn't screw up in defending Yuan Shao's supplies at Wuchao. He simply didn't have enough men to ever stand a chance.
  • Wasn't drunk at Wuchao. He fought till the death against Cao Cao's forces.
  • Wasn't executed by Yuan Shao.